Arida law Firm is a Bar certified Law firm in Jordan – since 1973

 Arida Law Firm has provided residents of Jordan and the international business community with quality counsel and dedicated representation for well over 43 years, bringing to every client the listening ear and professional focus that have turned one-time clients into lifelong business relationships for decades.

Founding lawyer Mr. Hani Arida has been helping businesses, families, individuals, and entrepreneurs in and out of Jordan since 1973, and the success and longevity of his firm speaks volumes of his genuine concern for client welfare and his dedication to ensuring that client needs are met and exceeded.

Arida Law Firm offers a wide range of overlapping specialties to those living, working, and investing in Jordan, each managed by a team of lawyers whose expertise guarantees ample protection for the children, business assets, and intellectual property under their care. The firm’s history of excellence has placed it directly in the midst of nearly all of Jordan’s major business and government transactions, and its notable ability with investment, infrastructure, mergers, and a number of other business law areas has kept it highly sought among investors and international corporations in need, as well as by international law firms looking for beneficial partnerships. Arida’s office in Amman takes great pains to keep clients up to date on the progress of each legal need and requirement, bringing to all the committed teamwork and consistent success that has marked the firm’s efforts since 1973.