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general Power of attorney

Special Power of Attorney

I, the Undersigned, ………………………………………….., hereby appoint, constitute and authorize Advocate ………………………………………… to be my attorney and act for me and on my behalf and stead as to defense, plea, and litigation in each and every legal action that has been initiated or will be initiated between myself and any persons in any merits before any of the courts of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, whether courts of law or of Sharia of various degrees, types and functions; including courts of peace, first instance, appeal, cassation, remand, and correction, as well as before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; and to claim legal interest, charges, expenses and attorney fees; and to refer to and before the competent departments of execution of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; and to execute the judgments; and to submit pleadings and petitions and all necessary papers and documents; and to serve and accept notices; and to establish evidence; and to elect and remove experts and arbitrators; and to request, confirm and/ or lift the attachment; and to take part in litigation in the capacity of a third party; and to respond to third party’s objection; and to move for administering the oath; and to delegate others to do; and to make reconciliation, quitclaim and present acknowledgement without prejudice to third parties; and to move for calling into account; and to present and follow up and claim, petition, notarial notice, or any document of whatsoever nature; and to present by means of appeal or cassation all necessary documents and papers related to the said administrative and judicial proceedings of whatsoever type; and to designate evidence and present the same; and to challenge the evidence and witnesses of the opponents; and to serve and accept notices; and to make inspection, elect and remove experts, as well as to challenge them and their decisions; and to consent to arbitration, appoint and remove the arbitrator or arbitrators and umpires and plea before them; and to present objections and objections to third parties; and to move for impleading a third party; and to move for, fix and release the precautionary and procedural attachment and move for executive attachment; and to administer oath, specify the form thereof, accept or modify the form thereof, object thereto or abstain there from; and to move for transferring the action and recuse the judge; and to make reconciliation and representation without prejudice and discharge; and to refer to and plea before the departments of executions and appeal the decisions thereof; and to deny indebtedness, and to move for adjudication of bankruptcy and in all matters related to bankruptcy without limitation; and to execute any decision or any agreement made or to be made in my favor; and to accept and refuse settlement or move for custody and discharge; and to appeal the decisions issued by such department; and collect and receive all what is rendered in my favor or on which an agreement is made and give effective receipts on the same; and to defend me, move for innocence or no- responsibility; and to move for release under bail and appeal the same; and to request imposing a punishment and claim personal rights, damages and all other rights; to empower attorneys in all or some of the powers delegated hereunder, and all matters that are legally permitted to be delegated; and to authorize any persons and attorneys of his choice with all or some of the powers hereof and to dismiss them. This is a general, absolute and comprehensive power of attorney authorizing his deed, said and opinion with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


Executed on this day …….. of ……………..


The Principal:


Advocate’s Attestation