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Possession of Drugs in small amount is considered a criminal act.

If a person in Jordan was caught by police because of possession -for the first time- of a small amount of drugs for his own use not for distribution or trade, then he shall go to Jail to the general prosecutor who shall investigate with him, taking into consideration that the prosecutor has the right to keep him in the jail during investigation for 15 days.

Then the prosecutor shall send him to the State security court in Amman where they shall give the judicial decision.

According to the Jordanian laws, The penalty for possession the drugs is between 3 months to 2 years in Jail and penalty of 1000 JOD – 3000 JOD.  Approximately 1400 USD to 4200 USD.)

Please note that the lawyer shall meet the person in jail to sign a power of attorney to enable the lawyer to defend him in the case and follow up this matter.

In case the court decided of (( the penalty 3 months + 1000 JOD+ arrest of 3 months )) against the accused person, then the penalty should be paid, and we can ask the court to exchange the decision of arrest to a penalty of 2 JOD Per day which will be 180 JOD.

Author : Lawyer Tarik Arida

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