Establishing operation foreign company in Jordan

Please find below some information of establishing operation foreign company in Jordan:

  • An Operating Foreign Company means a Company or an entity which is registered outside the Kingdom, whose headquarters is in another country and whose nationality is considered non-Jordanian.

Companies operating for limited period, which are awarded tenders in order for them to realize their work in the Kingdom for a limited period. Or that your company would be a sub-contractor with a Jordanian company who awarded tender.

Registration of a Foreign Company and Documents that should be Submitted to the Controller in the Ministry of Industries and Trades in Jordan.

  • The registration application for the Foreign Company or entity shall be submitted to the Controller accompanied by the following data and documents, translated into Arabic, provided that the Arabic translation is certified by a Notary Public in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

1-A copy of the Articles and Memorandum of Association, or any other document related to its foundation, and showing the method of its foundation

2-The written official documents which certify that such Company has obtained the approval of the concerned authority in the Kingdom for the carrying out the work, and investing the foreign capitals therein in accordance with the legislations in force.

3-A list of the names of the members of the Board of Directors of the Company, or the management committee or the partners, as the case may be, along with the nationality of each one of them in addition to the names of the persons who are authorized to sign on behalf of the Company

4-copy of the power of attorney according to which the Foreign Company authorizes a resident of the Kingdom to carry out its activities and receive notifications on its behalf.

5-The financial statements for the last fiscal year of the Company at its headquarters certified by a licensed auditor.

6-Any other data or information whose submittal the Controller deems necessary. Such as the contract between your company and the Jordanian contractor.

  • The application for registration must be signed by the person authorized to register the Company before the Controller or the person authorized by him in writing or the Notary Public. The application must incorporate the fundamental information about the Company, especially the following:           

1.The name of the Company, its form and capital.

2.The objectives of the Company which it will realize in the Kingdom

3.Detailed information about the founders, partners or the Board of Directors and the share of each of them.

4.Any other data or information whose submittal is deemed necessary by the Controller.

  • Publishing in the official Gazette:

The Controller may accept or reject the registration of the Foreign Company or entity. In the event of the approval of registration, the legal registration procedures of the Company or entity in the Foreign Companies Register shall be completed, and shall be published in the Official Gazette upon collecting the legal fees.

  • The branch of the Foreign Company operating in the Kingdom, must announce in its official documents and correspondence the name of the foreign mother company, its nationality, its legal structure, address and capital in its country, and in the Kingdom, in addition to its branch registration number with the Controller
  • Registered Foreign Company Duties:

The Foreign Company or entity registered pursuant to the provisions of this Law shall undertake the following:

  • To submit to the Controller within three months from the end of each fiscal year its balance sheet and the profit and loss account of its operations in the Kingdom duly certified by a Jordanian licensed auditor.
  • To publish the balance sheet and the profit and loss account regarding its operations in the Kingdom in at least two local daily newspapers within sixty days from the date of submitting these statements to the Controller.
  • The Minister may exclude any Company from implementing the provisions of clauses (1) and (2) upon the recommendation of the Companies’ Controller
  • The Controller or his representative may inspect the Company’s books and documents and the Company should make such books and documents available at his disposal.