Register a trademark in Jordan

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How to register trademarks in Jordan.
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Registering a Trademark in Jordan:
The following documents and information are required for filing a trademark application in Jordan:
1-     A Power of Attorney signed, notarized and legalized up to the Jordanian Consulate.
2-     The name, nationality, address and occupation of the applicant.
3-     A list of the goods and the corresponding classes to be covered by the application.
4-      The meaning of the trademark (if available).
5-      A certified priority document, if priority is to be claimed.
A trademark registration according to the new Law is valid for 10 years from the date of filing the application or from the priority date renewable for periods of 10 years each.
Procedures and timeframe:
– It takes from 8-10 months to get the registration certificate since filing the application in normal cases.
– Obtaining and completing the Registration Forms online and submitting it to Reception Desk Employee;
– Informing Applicant of approval or denial of registration within Four Months;
– Upon notification of approval, publicizing fees are determined and paid;
– Trademarks receiving initial approval are publicized in the Official Gazette within 3 months.
– If they are not challenged within 3 months, final registration is completed, registration fees are paid and final registration certificate is issued, signed by the registrar.
– It takes to conduct a trademark search 2-5 working days.
The specifications of goods limit the protection to the specific goods.
An application be filed without its complete documents as long as the original documents will be submitted upon receiving the Registrar’s Notice regarding the same.
One application can not cover more than one class of goods/services.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tarik H. Arida , a licensed lawyer in Jordan.